Welcome to our website 
explaining the refurbishment plans for 
All Saints church in Rayne, Essex.

" the Heritage Fund has financially supported the 
works of our church 
and our awareness of our heritage"

See the ‘Legal Documents’" 
(for those who like to see the fine detail)

A Statement of Need
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(The detailed case for the Refurbishment) 

A Statement of Significance
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(Historical and architectural notes about our church)

         It has been more than 40 years since this church has had a major redecoration.  

        Our vision is: 
    • That this holy place should be passed on to future generations in a fit and improved state.
    • To encourage Rayne residents and others to see All Saints Church as a spiritual centre that they can feel comfortable to enter and use. 

        These web pages are offered so that you can appreciate the detail of what is happening and why. There is a lot to             understand; we appreciate your careful consideration. 

        Many of the pictures are diagrammatic representations to help visualise the project. They are done to scale and                based on our professional plans but they are an interpretation and may not be accurate in every detail

        We are working hard to protect All Saints Church as a viable, flourishing Christian place of worship with a mission         for its local community, for you and for your family into the future. Whether you worship with us or whether you             don’t, we feel that All Saints church in Rayne is here for all of us. 

        In the last six years, we have consulted widely within Rayne (exhibitions, information displays and invitations to            visit the Church to see what is proposed), taken the comments received into account and have commissioned                    architectural plans. Finally, we have obtained the legal permissions needed for the work to be undertaken as well as         gaining the full support and agreement of our church leadership. We have financed all this ourselves through our            fundraising. 

        We now hope that we can rely on your understanding, strong support and active generosity.