Nave Solutions Alt
 1)  A new, attractive level floor with no trip hazards. Marked out distinctively against the walls and around the Lord’s Table.

2)  Our ancient font now at the front in a place of light and safety with the steps built up to a sensible height and bounded safely by the walls. The ceremony of Holy Baptism is more public and visible this way.

3)  A motorised projector screen can be opened and closed when we need it. This will help our worship and teaching. A projector will be mounted high up conveniently out of the way. 

4)  Motorised window blinds to get the sun out of our eyes during worship " 

5The walls repaired, restored and repainted expertly from top to bottom. The chancel ceiling repaired.

6)  The heaters will be moved to better positions and the gas pipes set under the floor for more efficient gas supply to the far heaters. A warmer church! The seating can be set out so as not to block the heat as happens at present. 

7)  The seating will be more comfortable and flexible in its use.We’ll be able to put seating where we want it for different occasions and some chairs with arms will be better for some of us. 

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8) ‘Kitchen in a cupboard’ with running water, fridge and other features. The doors can be closed when we don’t need it.  A servery table will be on wheels and can be moved aside to make space.
9)  An attractive draught screen will keep in our heat and give views into the church nave.

10) A  sound desk to control the sound system, projector and window blinds.