Problems                        WHY WE NEED TO REFURBISH THE CHURCH

(1)  Uneven floor  -  the church floor is composed of three different surfaces at different heights.  When we set out chairs together (e.g. for prayer groups) they can rock about in an unstable manner.  This picture shows the poor state of preservation of some of the floor.  This is a very definite trip hazard.  In addition, the existing floor creates generally poor accessibility to all areas.

(2)  Damaged Pew base - many of the pews are in poor repair.  Here, a section of the base has broken away despite several attempts at repair.

(3)  Damaged Pew end - the end of this pew has been scorched and damaged by one of the heaters.  This pew has been blocking the efficient heating of the church.

(4)  Damaged Pew support - here a support has broken away under one of the pews.  Many older members of the congregation have found the pews to be very uncomfortable.

(5)  Damaged Wall plaster - much of the paint on the walls is in a very poor state indeed.  Inexpert decoration in the 1970's led to the wrong kind of paint being used which has caused damage to the walls and this must all be removed before appropriate and correct materials can be applied.

                               (1)                                                                             (1)      
                           (2)                                            (3)                                     (4)