Problems 2                                     

(6)  Sagging Sanctuary ceiling - the panels in the sanctuary above the altar are sagging badly and need to be replaced or repaired.

(7) Hygiene, inconvenience and water supply - at the moment, water for tea & coffee making is brought in from the toilets.  A proper, plumbed in preparation area at the back of the church is desirable.

(8)Inflexible seating - In some places worshippers find it difficult to get round the pews and other obstructions.

(9) Mouldy wall - This area above the nave/tower arch badly needs to be treated and repainted.

(10) Font unsafe for baptisms- we cannot use our traditional font for baptisms because of its dangerous location - far too high and unsuitable for the safe handling and christening of babies. (In the past clergy using the font have resorted to standing on a box, but this is not acceptable.)  This situation will be remedied with the relocation of the font to the front of the church with new steps and landings.







(9 )